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The Spiritual Workers Association is a UK based Guild of Spiritual Workers and Spiritualistic Service Providers. Bringing spiritual organisations and independents together across the UK, we aim to promote excellence and improve standards in the field of spiritual work.

Business Management for the Provisions of Spiritualistic Services


Courses Available


Course Learning Method : Distance learning.  Face to face training maybe available by arrangement with your tutor at an additional cost. Typical costs are £120.00 per day or part thereof plus any associated expenses.

Course Length :  There is no minimum time period for each module.  Work at your own pace. Maxium 12 months completion period which is more than enough time for anyone to complete each module.

Course Materials : Workbooks will be supplied by the SWA via download. Candidates will be required to use other resources to fully research the topics given in the workbooks.

Course Assessment : Each module is assessed by a mixture of self assessment questions and Question and Answer sessions from the tutor.  These will be marked and checked by suitably qualified tutors with experience in teaching, business and spiritualistic services. 


Business Management for the Provision of Spiritualistic Services - Legal and Social context of Spiritualistic Services 

 Course Content :

  1. What is a Spiritualistic Services Provider?
  2. What does the word “Spiritual” Mean?
  3. What are Spiritualistic Services?
  4. Spiritualism: its history and as a religion
  5. Spiritual Law through the ages

Course Cost : £30.00

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Business Management for the Provision of Spiritualistic Services -  Providing Spiritualistic Services

Course Content :

  1. Working in the Community
  2. Understanding your role in a new industry
  3. Working with others
  4. Support and emergency services
  5. Working from home and others' homes
  6. The issuing of contracts and disclaimers
  7. Counselling skills and reporting obligations
  8. Who is a vulnerable person?
  9. Training others in Spiritualistic services and holding your own courses
  10. Membership bodies and other affiliations

Course Cost : £70.00

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Business Management for Spiritualistic Services - Running your business

Course Content :

  1. The need to be self-employed
  2. Practical implications of self-employment
  3. Legal implications of self-employment
  4. Health and safety
  5. Customer service skills
  6. Marketing and image perception

Course Cost : £100.00

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If any other information is required, please call the SWA on 01656 760573 or email info@theswa.org.uk

Your tutor is here to help, support and guide you however the responsibility lies with you the learner to learn and complete the assignments.