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The Spiritual Workers Association is a UK based Guild of Spiritual Workers and Spiritualistic Service Providers. Bringing spiritual organisations and independents together across the UK, we aim to promote excellence and improve standards in the field of spiritual work.



Do I have to have insurance?

Yes.  The SWA we make it a condition of your terms and conditions of membership, but no you don’t have to have insurance with us.  There are several options you can take and are welcome to shop around for the best deals.


Some possible options are (but not limited to): -


Westminster Insurance

email: mail@westminster.global

Tel: 013905 839939


MacKay Corporate Insurance brokers 

email: b.mclaughlin@mackaycorporate-brokers.com

Tel: 01475 729025


Balens Insurance

email: info@balens.co.uk

Tel: 01684 893006


Salon Gold

email: info@salongold.co.uk

Tel: 0208 655 0444