Raising Standards - Raising Awareness - Driving Change

The Spiritual Workers Association is a UK based Guild of Spiritual Workers and Spiritualistic Service Providers. Bringing spiritual organisations and independents together across the UK, we aim to promote excellence and improve standards in the field of spiritual work.

SWA Statement


Thursday 24th January 2008

We did not originally intend to set up this organisation when we started trying to address the changes to legislation in a positive and proactive manner. However, one event led to another and here we are.

Our original intention was only to encourage good practice by discussion and agreement. However, we now understand that if we and our members are to achieve the aim of an effective governing organisation we will need to have standards to which members agree to adhere.

We still firmly and passionately believe that all spiritual workers will need to work together to self-regulate this very challenging field. If our field is to continue to grow and thrive then we need to work together to demonstrate our commitment to proactive self-legislation based on achievable high standards, and sometimes personal compromise for the good of the industry as a whole.

We must remember that many members of the public are in agreement with stronger legislation and feel that it is high time that this legislation was put in place as it has now been done. As spiritual workers we must respect the wishes of the people we want to reach out to and be prepared to reach out in a manner that enhances their lives.

We also believe that in order to gain this credibility for our work there is much that needs to change and standards need to be raised and our "mantra" reflects this.

We intend to:

Raise Standards, Raise Awareness, and Drive Change.